Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4 : Eventually, you must leave your house...

Eventually in Fallout4, much like real life, you must leave your house. In Fallout4, much like real life, it's sorta terrifying... but I had a goal and I defined it very clearly for myself that I was going to find 'Hardware Town' and more specifically, I was going to get the issue of 'Picket Fences' contained therein so I could build more attractive lights for my settlements.

Everybody needs goals.

So, of course, some crazy lightning/radiation storm rolls through and I'm not really sure what to do. I try to seek shelter, but since all the buildings in Fallout lack either roofs or walls - it wasn't very effective. Damage was light though so I drank some purified water and got over it. I grew up in Missouri where the sky turns green all the time so meh.

We made it to the Super-Duper Mart and it was super-duper full of zombies, a fact that is left out on their signage. I foolishly pocketed several pounds of melons despite having an entire farm because... free? But the zombies... they crawl out of the walls in the dark and it was VERY DISCONCERTING.
I found a skull bandana and some armor for Dogmeat - isn't she pretty? She keeps on tilting her head at me though like, "Do you even know what you're doing? We've been around in a circle three times now... there is obviously a stairwell in the northeast corner."
And then like oh my god this happened... I don't even know what happened... there was a bunch of ghouls and I took out several kneecaps but then there were too many, so I ran (cause I'm not proud) and then everything went *kaplowie*. I guess ghouls are full of gasoline and matchsticks in the end times.
I cleared out some other buildings. I accidentally shot this raider guy at point blank range and his head turned into a slow-motion blood volcano. It was kind of gross and impressive at the same time. The 1950's music made it into art.

After our adventure where we didn't find the hardware store OR get our magazine, Dogmeat and I went swimming to relax. (I took the Aquagirl perk so my insides don't fry from the radiation poisoning - yay!). Also, I find lots of suitcases in the bottoms of lakes and I did get one quest done. +21XP!! *waves a tiny flag*

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