Friday, March 18, 2016

Ark : Survival Evolved - Crystal Lake Settlement

Metal buildings in Ark are a huge pain, which is why I wouldn't even bother until you have (A) an argent to fly you to and from the Volcano (B) 4-5 forges set up on the volcano + the crafting station to make walls/floors/etc. Your bird will be able to carry the manufactured goods in much higher quantities than it will the raw metal.

This is the fortress Brian and I built out over the lake. He had to take his frogs out to get cementing paste... *so much cementing paste*.

Mid-way through construction before high platform or garden additions.

Crystal Lake is good for drop pods.

I made display ledges for Brian's trophies.

Custom banner (painting by Alex Grey).

Garden with irrigation on lower level. It was easy to run irrigation up from the lake through the pillars.

Landing pad - perfect for the birds.

This photo shows the completed fortress, with higher landing pad (for the quetzal - which also has a platform on its back).

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