Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4 : Why my settlers gotta be so creepy?

I've been getting a ton of settlers moving into Sanctuary, and I don't know if they're all that right in the head. I'm suspicious that some may be synths cause... that happens maybe? It doesn't help that all my settlers act super creepy and the other night when I came back from gathering science equipment to make my home laboratory, they were all standing on the beds and staring out the windows. *shudder*

I know this is probably a game glitch, but my settlers standing on the beds is super creepy.

... and I thought this chick was a creepy Ms. Complainingface BEFORE I caught her standing on the bed like a soulless confused robot.

But there's nothing like a creepy home life to make you go explore the city at night, which is very pretty because the trash is far less obvious in lower lighting conditions.

I killed the raiders that used to call this apartment home, and now I want it! I don't think it's a settlement, though. It's sort of like the apartment on "Friends" with the slanted walls and the city views and the people living there who would never actually be able to afford it normally.

And then I FOUND THE HARDWARE STORE. I wish there were a confetti gun that I could shoot over my head. They had confetti in 1950; I've seen videos of parades. But yeah... here's a shower demonstration in the hardware store because I guess in the 1950's they didn't understand how standing showers worked. Their confetti technology was strong though.

And here they are... the prize for my efforts!! Being brave is not its own reward, but fancy lighting systems *are*. (I loves them.)

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