Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4: The Renovation of Croup Manor

The renovation of Croup Manor is mostly completed, though as a settlement goes - it seems to have a fairly limited size. It's the first settlement that I've hit the size limit on, and so I've had to pick and choose what to build.

I should have done 'before and after' HGTV style, but I didn't have the foresight. Regardless - tadahhhhhhh:

I made the 3rd floor landing into my living room, and was excited one of those ridiculous starburst-clocks was already on the wall.

My desk area where I keep all my files (desk) and all my magazines (bookcase). I put pillows on the floor for dogmeat, because I am quite possibly losing my mind.

I did some dry flower arranging. I tried actually manipulating the flowers into empty vases but... no. Just... no.

This is my favorite renovation... I replaced the flooring (previously just a gigantic hole in the second story ceiling). And now I have a nice little view of the ocean. 
Stairs lead up to my roof workshop, because the 360 degree views of ocean and forests are amazing. It's the best part of Croup Manor.
Combination kitchen and chem lab. I had to spend perk points to be able to build the different crafting stations, of which this oven is one. I should be spending my points in things that allow me to survive the wasteland... but mehhhh.

Bathtub on the deck - because when the bombs annihilate the populace, the need for modesty dies also.

So... the game glitch persists. I've just accepted that I will have a dead body hanging from the rafters over my pool table, no matter how many times I move him somewhere else. He's just always going to be there when I come home. His name is Ryan. I guess he lives here, too. (I guess.)

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