Monday, March 28, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4 : An open letter to Bethesda regarding Croup Manor

Dear Bethesda,
I'm redoing my big Victorian house (Croup Manor), and step one was to clear out all the dead bodies of the previous inhabitants. However, this one had re-spawned, trapped in the ceiling under the new flooring I laid on the 2nd floor... and just... hanging over my pool table. So I took up the flooring upstairs and lifted the dead body out and dumped it over the cliff AGAIN.
I watched his body sink into the ocean.
However, I logged in later and HE'S BACK.... right where he was, just... hanging over my pool table. It's really creepy, and it kind of makes me want to move houses again.

Is this a game glitch or am I being haunted for the bad things that I've done? I'm sorry I've been choosing the "X" button during so many conversations. I'll try to press the "A" button more often if you'll just give me another chance.


Croup Manor: It has a charming game glitch where dead bodies reappear in your house, over and over again. The same dead bodies, in the same position in which they died. So, it's officially a haunted house now.

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