Friday, March 25, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4: My Dream Manor

Some settlements make most of the other settlements seem completely ugly and boring, and the one that makes them all look ugly and boring by comparison is Croup Manor. I handpicked it from the wiki as the most beautifully located, the most potentially stylish, and the mostest-most. Last night I fought my way guns-a-blazin' across the entirety of the East map to the lovely little island upon which Croup Manor sits. (Except for the moment when I spotted a Mr. Gutsy on the road, and then I crept silently through the forest like a coward because I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.)

Surrounded by cliffs on three sides, Croup Manor is privy to fantastic ocean views... a totally horrific story in the basement... and a formal dining room. I'm going to call it my main home once I renovate it, and then of course, I shall never go to the basement again. I'm just going to put an armoire blocking the basement door so that you can't even SEE the basement door, because hiding nasty family secrets behind large pieces of furniture has been a Victorian tradition since blah-blibbity-blah-blah.

Croup Manor: The front is mostly intact, with large/flat roofs that await your post-apocalyptic add-ons and turrets! Welcome home!

Croup Manor: It's... kind of a fixer-upper.
I had to clear out about 20 dead bodies so I could lay in new/pretty flooring solutions, and I really struggled with how to drag bodies. I kind of figured it out by accident... On xbox, you need to make it a '1st person view' (not 3rd person where you see the back of your character standing there) and hold down the "A" button while you're hovering your cursor over the body.
After you hold down "A", your cursor will shrink to a dot but you'll be able to LIFT the body off the ground (don't drag it cause it will get hung up on shrubs/trash/etc.) and then drop it wherever you want. In my circumstance, I dropped them neatly off the conveniently located cliffs in my backyard, and watched them sink slowly into the ocean. (Seriously, Bethesda had to spend some time programming things to slide down cliffs, splash into the water, and then sink out of view. That's impressive programming? I dunno how they even start to do this stuff. I grew up with SuperMario Brothers.) This photo is me lifting a zombie above my head to use the stars as a background... at 2am it seems sorta pretty. The sleep deprivation is real.

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