Friday, March 18, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4 : Interior Decorating and Making Things Pretty

I hesitated to try Fallout 4, partly because I'd never played any of the previous Fallouts but mostly because I don't feel exhilarated by intense combat scenarios. After a few combats, I feel like I need to go outside and smoke a cigarette until my hands stop shaking. (I don't even smoke.) I'd say that as first person shooters go, my gameplay style is very much 'NOT THE FACE!' in the sense that if anyone runs up and punches me, I immediately lose focus as well as knowledge of any of the controls I'm holding. My only comfort on online-multi-player games, is that if people see me struggling and shooting wildly at the ground and sky as I die over and over... that there's at least a good chance they are assuming I'm an 8 year old.

The anonymity of the internet is gorgeous in this way.

My lifelong struggle with combat nerves has led me to develop a very specific skillset in first person shooters, in that I spend 80% of games in full-on stealth mode, moving at 1/2 speed, and sneakily investigating every target. Sniper rifles are my friends. Distance is my friend. I have the patience of God. If an enemy is on a cycle where he only passes by a window every 7 minutes, then I will wait 100m away for 28 minutes until I can fire 4 perfectly timed shots.

All that being said, I'm obsessed with Fallout 4 despite the combat focus. You can't deny the overwhelming charm of 1950's-supped-up-atomic-society, with the music and the cheesy surroundings all blitzed by nuclear chaos. As a gamer that's all about scavenging, collecting, building, and designing - Fallout 4 has so much to offer with their new settlement system. There are 30 unique locations, and I plan to lovingly design buildings, light-up billboards, and d├ęcor for each. Well... most. Let's not get crazy.

I'm at about the 18 hour mark on play-time, and I've gotten the first settlement "Sanctuary" up and running, with even some furniture:

Sequin dresses: Because even in the apocalypse, sometimes you just need to feel pretty. I'm in that 2% target market of gamers that actually *will* carefully set aside a dresser for all my found outfits... and then play dress-up.

Take some 409 cleanser to all-of-this, and this is a living room set that I would love to have in real life.

Dogmeat is questioning why I can't bring myself to scrap the Camera and build something more useful, like a water purifier so we all don't starve to death in poverty and disease. ("Because *camera*, Dogmeat. *Camera*.")  

I don't see a lot of people online that are re-decorating their houses and rooms with found objects, but it's simple to do. When NOT in workshop mode, access your inventory and drop the item that you want to place. It will fall at your feet (and annoyingly roll away if it's spherical). Then ENTER workshop mode and 'select' the object. The object will pop into whatever default position it has (so bottles and vases will be upright, etc.) and you can move the object onto whichever surface you desire and place it. Some of the smaller objects (particularly with shelving) tend to not sit right or half disappear through the surface you're placing them on.... but what I've found is that if I save and leave the settlement, then later when I came back - the objects have all corrected themselves to not collide oddly. It's... not perfect... but I appreciate the opportunity, Bethesda!

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