Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4: I Just Wanted To Return Some Overdue Books

I thought I was going into the library, but then it was actually some underground tunnel, which a lifelong love of horror movies have taught me to avoid. It's Darwinian to have this aversion to being trapped underground, in the dark. I'm alive today only because my ancestors knew this also.

Upon entering this tunnel system, I almost bolted right away because there was a Supermutant. Previously, their kind have broken my spine whenever we've met. Altogether the supermutants have led to me watching about a dozen slow motion movie clips of my lifeless corpse sinking to the ground. They are the reason I learned the very important lesson between 'quicksave' and 'hard save'. I normally treat them as a harbinger of death.

However, I've recently learned how to effectively mod my armor and weapons by finding armor/weapons with mods and then crafting 'standard' versions of those mods. When you put a standard mod on something, the fancy mod will drop into your inventory so that you can use it on a different weapon even if you don't have the crafting know-how or materials to make one. Also, I cha-chinged on XP.

This screenshot is really the digital equivalent of big game hunters posing with their rhino/lion/whatever after they've managed to live... except this supermutant could have ACTUALLY killed me first (unlike a lion which was sunning itself on a preserve somewhere when an actuarial rode by in an armored jeep and shot it).   

Walking through a tilted subway car has the unique effect of totally messing with my equilibrium. I was hanging off the side of my armchair trying to walk straight.
The Boston Library was really gorgeous and it was the first place (other than Diamond City) where I recognized a building from real life. Pretty neat. It made me jealous and now I hope Fallout 5 is set in Kansas City. We have the livestock yards and the "West Bottoms" and the river... it could work.
I guess they were confused about my intention for coming to the library cause they started shooting and set me on fire a lot. To add to the confusion, there was NO dialogue option to shout over the sound of automatic gunfire that I was "JUST HERE TO RETURN SOME OVERDUE BOOKS". So... everyone died. But then I got to return my overdue books. So I guess it all worked out in the end.

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