Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4: The Renovation of Croup Manor

The renovation of Croup Manor is mostly completed, though as a settlement goes - it seems to have a fairly limited size. It's the first settlement that I've hit the size limit on, and so I've had to pick and choose what to build.

I should have done 'before and after' HGTV style, but I didn't have the foresight. Regardless - tadahhhhhhh:

I made the 3rd floor landing into my living room, and was excited one of those ridiculous starburst-clocks was already on the wall.

My desk area where I keep all my files (desk) and all my magazines (bookcase). I put pillows on the floor for dogmeat, because I am quite possibly losing my mind.

I did some dry flower arranging. I tried actually manipulating the flowers into empty vases but... no. Just... no.

This is my favorite renovation... I replaced the flooring (previously just a gigantic hole in the second story ceiling). And now I have a nice little view of the ocean. 
Stairs lead up to my roof workshop, because the 360 degree views of ocean and forests are amazing. It's the best part of Croup Manor.
Combination kitchen and chem lab. I had to spend perk points to be able to build the different crafting stations, of which this oven is one. I should be spending my points in things that allow me to survive the wasteland... but mehhhh.

Bathtub on the deck - because when the bombs annihilate the populace, the need for modesty dies also.

So... the game glitch persists. I've just accepted that I will have a dead body hanging from the rafters over my pool table, no matter how many times I move him somewhere else. He's just always going to be there when I come home. His name is Ryan. I guess he lives here, too. (I guess.)

Monday, March 28, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4 : An open letter to Bethesda regarding Croup Manor

Dear Bethesda,
I'm redoing my big Victorian house (Croup Manor), and step one was to clear out all the dead bodies of the previous inhabitants. However, this one had re-spawned, trapped in the ceiling under the new flooring I laid on the 2nd floor... and just... hanging over my pool table. So I took up the flooring upstairs and lifted the dead body out and dumped it over the cliff AGAIN.
I watched his body sink into the ocean.
However, I logged in later and HE'S BACK.... right where he was, just... hanging over my pool table. It's really creepy, and it kind of makes me want to move houses again.

Is this a game glitch or am I being haunted for the bad things that I've done? I'm sorry I've been choosing the "X" button during so many conversations. I'll try to press the "A" button more often if you'll just give me another chance.


Croup Manor: It has a charming game glitch where dead bodies reappear in your house, over and over again. The same dead bodies, in the same position in which they died. So, it's officially a haunted house now.

Friday, March 25, 2016

My kids insist on doing this with Lenny a dozen times a day. I think they secretly want him to walk on two legs.

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A Tourist through Fallout 4: My Dream Manor

Some settlements make most of the other settlements seem completely ugly and boring, and the one that makes them all look ugly and boring by comparison is Croup Manor. I handpicked it from the wiki as the most beautifully located, the most potentially stylish, and the mostest-most. Last night I fought my way guns-a-blazin' across the entirety of the East map to the lovely little island upon which Croup Manor sits. (Except for the moment when I spotted a Mr. Gutsy on the road, and then I crept silently through the forest like a coward because I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.)

Surrounded by cliffs on three sides, Croup Manor is privy to fantastic ocean views... a totally horrific story in the basement... and a formal dining room. I'm going to call it my main home once I renovate it, and then of course, I shall never go to the basement again. I'm just going to put an armoire blocking the basement door so that you can't even SEE the basement door, because hiding nasty family secrets behind large pieces of furniture has been a Victorian tradition since blah-blibbity-blah-blah.

Croup Manor: The front is mostly intact, with large/flat roofs that await your post-apocalyptic add-ons and turrets! Welcome home!

Croup Manor: It's... kind of a fixer-upper.
I had to clear out about 20 dead bodies so I could lay in new/pretty flooring solutions, and I really struggled with how to drag bodies. I kind of figured it out by accident... On xbox, you need to make it a '1st person view' (not 3rd person where you see the back of your character standing there) and hold down the "A" button while you're hovering your cursor over the body.
After you hold down "A", your cursor will shrink to a dot but you'll be able to LIFT the body off the ground (don't drag it cause it will get hung up on shrubs/trash/etc.) and then drop it wherever you want. In my circumstance, I dropped them neatly off the conveniently located cliffs in my backyard, and watched them sink slowly into the ocean. (Seriously, Bethesda had to spend some time programming things to slide down cliffs, splash into the water, and then sink out of view. That's impressive programming? I dunno how they even start to do this stuff. I grew up with SuperMario Brothers.) This photo is me lifting a zombie above my head to use the stars as a background... at 2am it seems sorta pretty. The sleep deprivation is real.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4: Other vaults have the *BEST* undamaged things to scavenge!

New goal! I'm going to go around to all the other vaults and get items that aren't messed up and dented/rusted/peeling... because I went to one vault and found an undamaged bucket and an undamaged box of cleanser, and I didn't even realize what 30 hours of digging through trash had done to me. I stared at them like they were made of pure gold. I have carefully taken them home and given them a place of honor in my laboratory.

Isn't that bucket *perfect*?
I like with the radiation causes the sky to be pinkish-gray because that really compliments my interior color scheme choices.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4: I Just Wanted To Return Some Overdue Books

I thought I was going into the library, but then it was actually some underground tunnel, which a lifelong love of horror movies have taught me to avoid. It's Darwinian to have this aversion to being trapped underground, in the dark. I'm alive today only because my ancestors knew this also.

Upon entering this tunnel system, I almost bolted right away because there was a Supermutant. Previously, their kind have broken my spine whenever we've met. Altogether the supermutants have led to me watching about a dozen slow motion movie clips of my lifeless corpse sinking to the ground. They are the reason I learned the very important lesson between 'quicksave' and 'hard save'. I normally treat them as a harbinger of death.

However, I've recently learned how to effectively mod my armor and weapons by finding armor/weapons with mods and then crafting 'standard' versions of those mods. When you put a standard mod on something, the fancy mod will drop into your inventory so that you can use it on a different weapon even if you don't have the crafting know-how or materials to make one. Also, I cha-chinged on XP.

This screenshot is really the digital equivalent of big game hunters posing with their rhino/lion/whatever after they've managed to live... except this supermutant could have ACTUALLY killed me first (unlike a lion which was sunning itself on a preserve somewhere when an actuarial rode by in an armored jeep and shot it).   

Walking through a tilted subway car has the unique effect of totally messing with my equilibrium. I was hanging off the side of my armchair trying to walk straight.
The Boston Library was really gorgeous and it was the first place (other than Diamond City) where I recognized a building from real life. Pretty neat. It made me jealous and now I hope Fallout 5 is set in Kansas City. We have the livestock yards and the "West Bottoms" and the river... it could work.
I guess they were confused about my intention for coming to the library cause they started shooting and set me on fire a lot. To add to the confusion, there was NO dialogue option to shout over the sound of automatic gunfire that I was "JUST HERE TO RETURN SOME OVERDUE BOOKS". So... everyone died. But then I got to return my overdue books. So I guess it all worked out in the end.

A Tourist through Fallout 4 : Why my settlers gotta be so creepy?

I've been getting a ton of settlers moving into Sanctuary, and I don't know if they're all that right in the head. I'm suspicious that some may be synths cause... that happens maybe? It doesn't help that all my settlers act super creepy and the other night when I came back from gathering science equipment to make my home laboratory, they were all standing on the beds and staring out the windows. *shudder*

I know this is probably a game glitch, but my settlers standing on the beds is super creepy.

... and I thought this chick was a creepy Ms. Complainingface BEFORE I caught her standing on the bed like a soulless confused robot.

But there's nothing like a creepy home life to make you go explore the city at night, which is very pretty because the trash is far less obvious in lower lighting conditions.

I killed the raiders that used to call this apartment home, and now I want it! I don't think it's a settlement, though. It's sort of like the apartment on "Friends" with the slanted walls and the city views and the people living there who would never actually be able to afford it normally.

And then I FOUND THE HARDWARE STORE. I wish there were a confetti gun that I could shoot over my head. They had confetti in 1950; I've seen videos of parades. But yeah... here's a shower demonstration in the hardware store because I guess in the 1950's they didn't understand how standing showers worked. Their confetti technology was strong though.

And here they are... the prize for my efforts!! Being brave is not its own reward, but fancy lighting systems *are*. (I loves them.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Tourist through Fallout 4 : Home Sweeter Home

The end times are super-stressful, so I like to take a break and do some interior decorating between every quest. I was just walking alongside these railroad tracks and this zombie that I thought was dead wasn't dead... or you know... all zombies are dead but some more than others, and this one was only 50% dead. It really startled me and I hit the wrong button and looked through my scope instead of going into V.A.T.S. and then it was biting me and my screen was flashing red. I killed it, but then I just wanted to go home. Sometimes you're just not in the mood to fight for your own survival.

While I was at home though, I fancied up my pool table and renovated my 1950's prefab kitchen into a chem lab. I figure property devaluation just isn't a concern in the apocalypse, so you know... blast out that wall and combine two small bedrooms to make an armory. That covered patio would look better with a machine gun turret atop it, right?

My kitchen turned into a very quaint chem (meth?) lab with minimal work. I put up a sign that says 'WAFFLES' because I thought it might confuse raiders that this room is just used for snacks... and then they won't steal all my drugs. (That's not true at all, but if Bethesda put that mechanic in then I would love them for it.) Actually I don't know if raiders actually steal anything...  I should probably google that.
This is as close as I will ever be to being a 1950's housewife. I can't pan the camera far enough back to know whether or not I'm wearing high heels for certain, but I *feel* like I am and that's what matters.
I know, I know... my baby has been stolen by sinister agents of an unknown scientific community specializing in human mutagen research... but did you notice that I found the *matching* salt shaker and pepper mill? How could I NOT take the time out from searching for my baby to set a pretty breakfast table?
Yeah, that's right... I put tatos and sweet rolls on the plates. It only took me 34 tries to get that yellow plate to not fall through the table or slide at a 23 degree angle through the cereal box. I persevered though, cause I am a *fighter*.

I also found a skin-tight red sparkle dress and some 'fashionable glasses' that add +3 charisma, because "War Never Changes" and this game has mechanics that mean men will sell you cheaper bullets if you're dressed like it's prom... but not even normal prom, like prom as shown on TV. Also, I dabbled in some taxidermy. It was a good day at home.

A Tourist through Fallout 4 : Eventually, you must leave your house...

Eventually in Fallout4, much like real life, you must leave your house. In Fallout4, much like real life, it's sorta terrifying... but I had a goal and I defined it very clearly for myself that I was going to find 'Hardware Town' and more specifically, I was going to get the issue of 'Picket Fences' contained therein so I could build more attractive lights for my settlements.

Everybody needs goals.

So, of course, some crazy lightning/radiation storm rolls through and I'm not really sure what to do. I try to seek shelter, but since all the buildings in Fallout lack either roofs or walls - it wasn't very effective. Damage was light though so I drank some purified water and got over it. I grew up in Missouri where the sky turns green all the time so meh.

We made it to the Super-Duper Mart and it was super-duper full of zombies, a fact that is left out on their signage. I foolishly pocketed several pounds of melons despite having an entire farm because... free? But the zombies... they crawl out of the walls in the dark and it was VERY DISCONCERTING.
I found a skull bandana and some armor for Dogmeat - isn't she pretty? She keeps on tilting her head at me though like, "Do you even know what you're doing? We've been around in a circle three times now... there is obviously a stairwell in the northeast corner."
And then like oh my god this happened... I don't even know what happened... there was a bunch of ghouls and I took out several kneecaps but then there were too many, so I ran (cause I'm not proud) and then everything went *kaplowie*. I guess ghouls are full of gasoline and matchsticks in the end times.
I cleared out some other buildings. I accidentally shot this raider guy at point blank range and his head turned into a slow-motion blood volcano. It was kind of gross and impressive at the same time. The 1950's music made it into art.

After our adventure where we didn't find the hardware store OR get our magazine, Dogmeat and I went swimming to relax. (I took the Aquagirl perk so my insides don't fry from the radiation poisoning - yay!). Also, I find lots of suitcases in the bottoms of lakes and I did get one quest done. +21XP!! *waves a tiny flag*