Saturday, March 1, 2014

Showing Your Electronics You Love Them By Giving Them Sweaters

My knitting skills aren't where they need to be yet to knit a sweater for my loved ones, mostly because my loved ones have all these pesky arms and necks and torsos of various diameters... so I had to ask myself, "Do I have any loved ones that are more... rectangular?" The answer is, "YES I DO!" So, I made a sweater for my iPad. 
My iPad Sweater: The "Corylus" Pattern on Ravelry (FREE)
I was a little intimidated by the "magic cast-on" method at first. I actually said out loud while reading it, "I will not be afraid."... a moment which made me have to ask myself if I'd lost perspective on human fear. However, the "magic cast-on" creates a seamless bottom to your bag while you're knitting in the round - so it's well worth the 10 minutes of staring blankly that you'll do as you figure it out. After the second try, I got the hang of it and then as you go around a bag forms inside your circulars. Yippee. It's actually a really cool, squishy, neat-feeling cover for it (the back of it is just straight seed stitch)... but I don't think I'll be trusting my iPad to any six foot drops while in its care.

For the button, I used a button from my dad's 1985 trenchcoat. I'm sure my mom will be pleased those buttons she snipped off and saved in 1992 have now found a home in 2014. If I had been smarter when doing this project, I would have made a button hole in the very bottom of it so that the charger port could still be accessed with the sweater on... but these are the things we think of in hindsight. Ah, the regrets of youth/yesterday.

I still have a bunch of yarn left over from my trip to "The Yarn Shop & More". It's my favorite yarn shop in Kansas City (Overland Park, to be exact), and they haven't complained yet that I mostly go in there to slam my face against their piles of baby alpaca yarns (the babies are the softesttttttttt) more than I actually purchase yarn. It's a little bit fancy/pricey for my skill level so I mostly go just to pet their inventory and take classes... and also watch their yarn-baller machine which is half parts magic and physics.
See, the circular fencing spins and then the other thingie spins
and then your yarn turns into a ball, the end.

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