Monday, March 31, 2014

On Saturday, I took my daughter and went to MoPaca, the Missouri Alpaca Show where you can stand in a room with hundreds of adorable alpacas and their charming, extroverted owners. We went with friends and the little girls had a great time petting the alpacas and trying to kiss them, and my friend and I had a great time looking through all the yarn and spinning demonstrations (and also petting the alpacas). 

Alpacas are so cute. I want to play ring-toss using hula hoops around their necks, but I would wrap the hula hoops with sweet-tart necklaces so that the alpaca could have a treat, too. Then afterwards I would ride my alpaca into the sunset while hugging its neck and telling it that it was the best friend I've ever had. (This is obviously a fantasy; I should not own an alpaca.)

My favorite quote from talking to all the owners was one I overheard by a lady running a yarn stand that told someone, "You should never buy an alpaca out of emotion." Sound advice, since I'm sure most people are not prepared to care for one, especially in Missouri where our weather is so flippantly random that they'd overheat easily.

Cuteness x infinity = alpaca
If this Alpaca were mine, I would name it 'Shaggy'.
The spinning demonstrations were really neat. They had someone showing how to "grade" the fleece, and then showing people feeding it into the spinning wheels. It looks infinitely relaxing and now I want to learn how to spin my own yarn, but of course I want a giant 'Sleeping Beauty' style spinning wheel because it seems like some grand/intimidating object... probably because Disney taught all 6 year olds to be scared to death of spinning wheels, and it wasn't until I was 12-13 that I realized that spinning wheels had a purpose OTHER than delivering near-fatal dosages of sleeping-poison to princesses.

This lady had only been spinning for 8 years, stating she
took it up in her "golden years" for relaxation. I would like
to start now even though I'm in my "bronze years".

When I saw this, I actually squealed because this one lady
labeled her yarn with the photo and name of the alpaca.
I would knit a scarf knowing that Iris was somewhere happily
munching her hay and squinting up at the sunshine. Adorable.
I might squeal again just typing this.

'Mopaca' was a really fun (and free) time. My daughter got a little stuffed alpaca from her friend to put on her nightstand, too. We all want to go back next year.

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