Monday, March 31, 2014

China has the Most Elegant Stamps; Girls from Belarus have the Prettiest Handwriting

I've been on Postcrossing for a couple years or more now. It's a really cool (free) website where you can sign up to be anonymous pen-pals with people across the world. You send a randomly assigned person a postcard, and then a different random person sends you one. I haven't always been good about scanning them all in for a digital record, but I have over 50 of them now from various countries and it's the perfect thing for collages... and to satisfy that wild need to travel and see the exotic (or a different person's 'normal') without having to drop thousands on airfare. I enjoy the stamps as much as I do the images. Things I've learned? China and Taiwan have the most elegant stamps, and girls from Belarus have the prettiest handwriting.

Sinyi Business Complex - Taiwan

Tuomiokirkko (C.J. Engel, 1852) Domkyrkan The Cathedral Der Dom

Minsk, Belarus

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