Friday, February 22, 2013

How to Turn Art into Cold Hard Cash (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Sometimes I just look around my art studio and try to imagine what I can convert into cold hard cash. Like this project that was printed out and then shoved under my bed because I was too lazy to cut and assemble them. So today I watched Beyoncé Knowles self-directed documentary "Life is But a Dream", consumed an entire chocolate "orange"... and oh yeah... put these together. I DO NOT recommend watching this Beyoncé documentary with the same enthusiasm that I DO recommend chocolate oranges. I like any candy that begins with a heartless act of violence, i.e. slamming them on the table to break them first. Exciting. Exciting in the exact way watching Beyoncé Knowles give an hour of monologue to a camera (about how her pain is different but really the same) is not. Anyway... behold Victorian-style horror comic full of murder:

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  1. Hi; I just got here via your list on I really like some of your goals there, so I decided to become your first follower. And now I may just follow your blog too, if you get round to writing 50 more posts as you have planned.

    Oh, and if you need more excuses to travel to Norway some day, you can add "I get to have a personal guide for the helleristninger in Ostfold" to whatever excuses you already have.