Monday, March 7, 2011

Toto - 100 lbs of grumpiness trapped in 10 lbs of gray fluff.

I finally finished up Dorothy. Poor girl had been sitting on my desk for over a month now waiting for her Toto and basket. They prepare you for a lot of things in art school but never how much self-discipline it takes to sit and draw an object as completely boring as a basket. There's no glory in baskets. Drawing baskets is a thankless job.

I had a lot of fun drawing Toto. I actually did a sketch of him as sort of small, frail, black, and with the pointy ears like he was cast in the MGM movie... but after staring at it, I just didn't like it. When I think Toto, I think of a cranky little grumpy old man type personality trapped in 10 pounds of gray fluff. Toto was the kind of dog that would bite you on the ankle soon as look at you.

So I drew a little tough-guy version of Toto with a snaggle-tooth and liked him much more. I feel better sending Dorothy to Oz with a scrappy Toto... don't you? Cause Oz is sort of a terrifying place.

Dorothy and Toto Jointed Paper Doll from "The Wizard of Oz"

(Don't you enjoy how I talk about my dolls like they're real people? Don't worry - it's mostly sleep deprivation talking.) Anyway, here's some photos and Dorothy is already up on Etsy.