Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We are siamese, if you please. We are siamese, if you don't please.

Today I took one of my rescued drawings from college (that of a pair of siamese twins' faces) and added a dress and legs and arms. As I was doing that, the absurdity of what I was working on started to sort of take over and I decided to add a teddy bear that was in the same state of 'togetherness'.

I should have stopped there... I COULD have stopped there, but then I thought what could make this more fun except matching monocles (since why would one identical twin have weak eyesight and the other have perfect eyesight? REALISM!! I'm a fan of it).

So, monocles in place, it became completely necessary to add a bubble-pipe. Probably my darkest bit of humor to date...

Enjoy. I'll put them on Etsy tomorrow.

Siamese Twin Paper Doll: matching teddy bear accessory, matching monocles, and singular bubble-pipe (so that they have something to fight over).

Siamese Twin Paper Doll: Detail

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