Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Skin like lime sorbet, a smile that could stop a train... and flaming spheres for if the smile doesn't stop the train and the train still needs to be stopped... THAT'S the Wicked Witch of the West.

Consider the Witch completed. She'll go up on Etsy tomorrow cause tonight I'm going to try and finish up Dorothy. Poor Dorothy has no Toto currently. A Dorothy without a toto is like a house with no foundation. Dorothy focuses on the safety of her dog to cope with the fear she feels herself.

(I'm deep.)

Anyway - here we have a witch. She's very pose-able. She's going to look just smashing with some giant angry flying blue monkeys around her. (I will start those AFTER this weekend's comic book convention.)

Wicked Witch Paper Doll: w/ fire sphere and red poppies, standing pose

Wicked Witch Paper Doll: fire sphere and hat, flying pose

Wicked Witch Paper Doll: 'bad-ass' pose

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