Friday, December 17, 2010

Words get around.

We were featured today on a very cool blog named "I Dreamed I saw..." which is devoted to shopping: check it out! Our little Alice in Wonderland Paper Doll is being seen.

Friday, December 10, 2010

"I've got a witch mad at me, and you might get into trouble."

I've started work on my "Wizard of Oz" series, but of course I seem to be agonizing over Glinda's hair and dress in a way most unbecoming to an artist... i.e. just redoing it three times because I can't decide if curly hair or straight hair or stylized hair is best... or if poofy sleeves or drapey sleeves or fitted sleeves is best...and in the end I'm designing something so elaborate that even Lady Gaga would raise an eyebrow and say, "Perhaps that's a bit much..."

Glinda is promising to be more complicated with all her clothing and crowns than even my octopus-girl is, but in the midst of all the Glinda obsession... I went ahead and drew cute little Dorothy. With her messy braids and can-do attitude, a sweet farmgirl was a bit of a relief to draw instead of a mystical witch.

Tomorrow, I'll see that she is accompanied by Toto... and a basket... then a little color and she'll be ready to put on Etsy first. Then I'm going to just flip a coin on the Glinda issues so I can get onto the character that I'm REALLY excited about.... the very very wicked witch of the west.

Ooooooooooooo a green paper doll is going to be awesome. I've already decided I must include some stylized orange smoke for her as a backdrop... and of course her broom... and MAYBE SOME FLYING MONKEYS.

I need to calm down about it. (I just LOVE The Wizard of Oz.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Animal Crossing: City Folk': the best time you'll ever have wasting your life.

I own a Wii, and my Wii is very central to my day-to-day life. I play video games on it, I watch Netflix on it, and I even do yoga with it. (I'm frightened to install the "Wii Shopping" channel because I'm pretty sure if I could - I would buy peanut butter, toilet paper, and designer shoes on it.)

One of the Wii games I've spent countless hours on is Animal Crossing. When I'm feeling creative, but not particularly in the mood to be productive, I will spend hours in the game either landscaping or creating custom outfits. Lately, I've been doing gigantic "ground banners" as I call them. Animal Crossing lets you make designs within the game to use as pathways, outfits, or wallpaper... I use the design slots to make giant pictures.

Animal Crossing: City Folk : ground design comprised of (qty. 8) 32px x 32px design slots shared between two players. Outfit is a custom outfit created as a "pro-design".

I decided to do the Five and Nineteen Blackbirds logo tonight - but have plans to make a little red fox, too which I can use as my town flag also. The game allows you to be endlessly creative and geeky. Here are some photos of my past endeavors:

Animal Crossing: City Folk - ground banner comprised of (qty. 6) 32px x 32px designs - color pallette #16.

Animal Crossing: City Folk - ground banner comprised of (qty. 9) 32px x 32px designs.

Animal Crossing: City Folk - 32px x 32px ground banner (one design slot).

Animal Crossing: City Folk - an example of my interior design sense in the game. This was my 'cactus and fire' room, of course. Every house should have one. Custom outfit (pro-design).

Animal Crossing: City Folk - hybrid gardens. The brick edging is actually a pattern you can get from the walrus if you feed him a fish, and then I altered it so I could have one going the other direction, too... and be able to make a grid. (The hybrid flowers were made from patience and from a bit of controlled 'time travel'.)