Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vampire Mermaids from the deep ... an unholy pestilence.

I have an almost completed draft of the mermaid paper doll that will accompany my octopus girl. I seem to being doing The Little Mermaid in reverse... evil looking mermaids + pretty witches = confused children. Oh well... sometimes these things just get away from you.

I have several little tweaks to do on her, mostly where her waist meets her fish tail seems to be an awkward joint as I have it now. Not awkward if the mermaid is always going to swim in a straight line, but maybe I could do something more clever to give more options for poses. (In fact - I just had an idea for a third piece that will fit between the torso and the tail and disguise any bumps/weirdness when the doll is posed. Why didn't I think of this 45 minutes ago? Oh well.)

I've been doing paper dolls for three days straight so my eyes are a little blurry and I'm pretty sure I need to either decide to brush my hair or take that tremulous first step towards dred-locks. I also need to go grocery shopping... so the Mermaid will have to wait for her final form till after I acquire more Cheerios.

In the meantime, here's an 'in progress' photo:

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