Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow White in all her glory! (...and some hesitation about clam-shell bras...)

I just realized that neither my mom or I posted the big news... we had our first sale! It was probably silly that as soon as the email about the sale hit my blackberry I called my mother one minute later to share the big news. IT IS A BIG DEAL. Until you sell that first item to a total stranger - you can't really feel any certainty that a business endeavor is anything but a lark, a whim, a fancy!

So that was exciting/motivating.

I finished up Snow White with all the touch-ups and fixed the fact that I seem to have some sort of mental block when figuring out the length of people's upper arms. Now her arms are a suitable length. Oh the little issues to making paper dolls...

Now of course, I'm debating the next project. I already have the horse almost complete on a Victorian Horse Woman doll so I could finish that up but I'm also thinking what I really want to do is The Little Mermaid. This train of thought led me to asking one of my friends, "Do all mermaids have either a clam-shell bra or just their chest covered by long hair? What if they're swimming and their hair drifts away? Wouldn't that distract all the other merfolk and make them swim into boat propellers and such?"

There was some thoughtful silence on the matter, and an eventual agreement that if I want to make a G-rated mermaid I'm going to have to make some sort of clam-shell/flower/seaweed halter-top of sorts cause I don't know if I like the idea of scantilly clad mermaids. (I have really settled into the Victorian mindset about my dolls that massive amounts of cleavage is ok but bare shoulders are SHOCKING. Jane Austen would agree with me.)

Also - I think I'm going to make the little mermaid blonde because Disney isn't the boss of me, and also because I remember in the version I read as a child she was blonde and all her sisters were brunette. Granted, it was a black-and-white illustrated book (with some very lovely woodcuts if I remember right) but my child's mind interpretted her lack of brunette-ness as blonde so... the end.

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