Monday, November 22, 2010

A Paper Doll of a Noteworthy Cat.

I wanted to do a quick paper doll today from start to finish, and managed to make this in the same time it took to listen to a Gershwin album. Viola. This is my friend's cat, "Hank". My friend didn't answer my texts today in enough time to weigh in on the design - so after the fact, I discovered that the real life Hank actually has a short/fluffy tail and my version is a little 'siamese-ish'. These things happen.

I'm not sure how if I'm going to list him on Etsy, or use him as a "bonus" throw-in when people buy a full paper doll, or maybe draw a girl that he goes along with? I just really like how his face is all black like a little cat-mask or something... he's a cool cat. Maybe I could draw a girl that has a mask that matches? Now there's an idea.

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