Thursday, November 11, 2010

It was Ms. White... in the dwarves' house... with the poisoned apple.

I can just pretend that I didn't go silent for 3 months there, right? Sure I can. Watch me. (I had some stuff going on - but now back to business. Literally.)

So tonight I listened to two hours of one of my new favorite musical groups "Grizzly Bear", ate a turkey sandwich, and pondered what a girl would have to look like to inspire another woman to want to murder her just for being too darn pretty.

And so it was that I drew Snow White.

Snow White was probably a teenager when a woman suffering from a large amount of insecurity decided to expend the effort to take a hit out on her, but not expend the energy to follow-up properly and make sure she got her money's worth. I always thought that was a strange part of the story - but of course demonstrative of an age old fact which is that if you want something done you have to bake up some poisoned apples and do it yourself.

Anyway, it took me awhile to draw her hair - so this is as far as I got in one night. See her hair? That's time-consuming there... probably about 45 minutes just on hair. But I like her.

Tomorrow I'll do her dress and death shroud (yes, this is going to be a morbid paper doll replete with glass coffin and poisoned apple! yay!). Then probably another day to color it in.

I finally was able to get Photoshop installed on my computer. I would tell you all the lengths I had to go to, but it would sound a lot like one of those tapes that people listen to in order to get to sleep. Ambient, boring noise is all that story is. Thank god Photoshop is installed though. Paint.Net is terribly limiting.

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