Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snow White and her Poisoned Apple Bouquet

I can't believe how much faster the creation process was with Photoshop CS4. I did Snow White in one day today and it would have taken me three days to do it with Paint.Net. Also, I had no color issues even with (at times) 20+ layers going on.

I haven't included the coffin yet - I got to thinking that it would take another sheet of paper and really might need to be sold as a separate accessory anyway... so maybe it would be wiser to get more dolls up first and then come back and do playset-stuff? It's all sort of a guess what collectors would want, I suppose. I'm going to think more on it. Doing a glass coffin out of paper would mostly just mean a really delicate grid overlay maybe and that seems very fragile and annoying for people to cut out. I did give her an apple-blossom bouquet though just to be slightly morbid... and overall I think she turned out really well. I gave her elongated proportions because... well she's my doll and I'll make her legs too long if I want to.

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