Monday, September 6, 2010

"Trick or Treat Kids' Bag"

I’ve been working on some bags for Halloween and for Christmas and will put them in our Etsy shop this next weekend.  Ideas for things aren’t too hard to come by--just getting them from the idea stage to the finished stage is the real trick.  Handmade does literally take a lot longer, especially if a new design or pattern is involved.  Anyway, it does for me. 

My Halloween bag that I designed is for a little kid to use to take for the Trick or Treat part of Halloween Night.  It would hold substantial candy without tiring the kid out.  Which as I remember is the most important part of Trick or Treating right?  

The original bag pattern I use was just too large for a small kid so I took it, made a few adjustments, and came up with this bag.  I really like it but it did involve a lot of tweaking to get it right.  The idea of this bag over a pillowcase or a plastic sack or even a hard-shelled plastic pumpkin is one that I especially like.  As a kid, I dealt with all of those ways of carrying candy and each has its own particular downside especially the handles or lack of handles.  The handles on this bag are kid-sized and reinforced a couple of times with extra stitching to make it comfortable.  There is even a pocket in the front for something special.

Today is a good day and I’m going back to my sewing.  Some days are just good!

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