Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Play Time"

Today is play time.  I do have a couple of things that I have to do but for the most part I'm coming up with a couple of ideas where the heart picture is involved.  It will be fun to see if my idea works.  Some of my projects work out and some . .  well . . . just don't.  But that seems to happen to everyone at some time or another.  Recently I've been working on one project that after several hours of work just didn't ever look good.  After several different ideas didn't work, I just scrapped it.

I also made a couple of books starring my grandkids for them to take home this weekend.  It's the kind of thing that I enjoy doing and is fun.  Pictures of the kids are put on pages with a few words telling what they did.  Then after I print off the pages I take them to a store that laminates the pages and then all that remains is just putting the pages together into a book.  The kids, I hope, will really like them.

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