Friday, September 10, 2010

"Cuteness In A Can"

Cuteness is what we are looking for when we need a package for our handmade items.  When I was shopping yesterday, I found something that I think will enhance a couple of my still-in-the-process items.  Packaging is just one of those things that I want to do with some of my items that will be coming up for sale later this month.  I just needed something to put things in that would be attractive and, due to my lovely shopping trip yesterday, I think I’ve found a couple of pretty cute containers.  A ribbon, a bow, and there it is!  Cuteness.

Still working on a couple of things to put on Etsy when Megan gets here tonight but mostly have just a few things finished.  Handmade does take a while longer in a busy life but so worth it.  It is such fun to sew everyday and see things develop out of just a couple of pieces of fabric and some thread which is why I’ve loved to sew practically my entire life.  It gives you such a good feeling to make things.  I’m just sure that people who make things are happier.

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