Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Creating . . . What Fun!"

At the library so many little kids enjoy reading and picking out their own books and they definitely want to carry these books home--all by themselves.  Kids are generally pretty excited about it.  But most of the time their books end up in plastic bags (donated by patrons who recycle their plastic bags to the library) instead of a cute, little bag just the right size for their hands.  

So, yesterday I sat down and designed a pattern for a little kid’s book bag in which to carry home their library books.  So much more fun than a plastic bag!  I am going to use a sweet ladybug print on a yellow backgound that I think little girls will especially like.  I’ve also got that ladybug print on a green background, too.  So maybe I’ll make one out of that, too.  I’ve taken a picture of the fabric so that you can see it.  This week is pretty full so I may have to finish some of my projects next week.  I have to work today, too, so I’m going to sew on my projects as much as I can now.
In other sewing news I’ve got a table runner design laid out (just need to tweak it abit) and three more bags cut out and ready to sew.  Still working on tracing off the pattern for all of the applique pieces for Little Red Riding Hood--the quilt that Megan designed for me a while back.  My husband just finished making me a light box so it should go much faster.
I’m pretty excited about all of my projects and hope to finish at least some of them soon.  Megan is coming down this weekend so whatever is done we will put on Etsy.

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