Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mass Production on a Small Scale

I've been up making our inventory of thaumatropes, to the tune of 22 of them. It took me about five hours from start to finish, which if you ignore that I did them "assembly-line" fashion... it works out to a little over 13-1/2 minutes each.

(Of course the fact that I ate a bowl of cereal at 4am while watching "Donnie Darko" on Netflix does blow the estimate somewhat.)

It is strange the little habits you can form though when you have to complete the same mundane task (i.e. measuring for brads) 88 times... or cutting string 44 times....

It can be relaxing and at the same time completely brain-numbing much like factory work always is. I have no idea how people in real factories do this sort of repetitive thing for an 8 hour work day without their mind wandering off and them making mistakes. Luckily I'm not assembling bombs, anti-lock brakes, or saw blade switches... so if I messed up without realizing it at least no one else will suffer loss of life or limb.

Alice in Wonderland Thaumatrops set in Greeting Cards

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