Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pencil Sketches and Finalized Paper Dolls

I've been going off on tangents lately. I'm working on a Victorian Lady and horse combination paper doll set. I did the horse sketch tonight only to find out that there are limitations to what paper can do... and I'm probably going to have to reconfigure the horse because horses have radically small ankles. I never really thought of it till I tried to make one in paper doll format... but horses have bizarre proportions. How dare they.

Anyway, the sketch is still good - I'll just work some magic in photoshop.

The finals of the other dolls have been mailed off to my mom in preparation for the Etsy shop going live this Friday (yes... really this time). These are just the cover pages obviously. LRRH ended up being four pages total which is a bit excessive and we're not sure how to price that. I need to sit down before Friday and create a one-page version of all the dolls... but then they'll all seem so tiny then.

Before Friday I need to get the thaumatropes packaged up, and hopefully complete this set though that may not happen. I'll admit I'm a bit sleep deprived. I've been watching a slew of movies while I work though - mostly foreign films so that the dialogue doesn't distract me while I'm drawing. So I've ended up just hanging out in my house listening to people speaking Russian and Swedish for hours on end.

It's a bit of a strange life... and a strange feeling when a movie ends that I understood 0% of it.


  1. Hi. Where can I buy these? I found you on pinterest.

    1. You can find all the dolls in my Etsy store: