Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Good Stuff"

Christmas in August? . . . apparently so. A lot of shops are already selling quite a bit of Halloween and Christmas things. So I had some neat Christmas fabric and thought I might as well use it to make some cute bags. For the past couple of days I’ve been busy working on corsages and sewing a couple of new Christmas tote bags for the shop as well as working on a couple of other things.

The "Night Before Christmas” Bag is one I’ve enjoyed making. It is cute, bright, and not in the traditional reds and greens. I like the blue. Unfortunately, that is the only piece of fabric like that that I have which is big enough for a bag. I’ve got some smaller pieces left . . . so maybe something more petite?

I went shopping on Sunday after church and bought this pretty Halloween fabric with the candy corn on it. The colors were ones that I really liked so now I’ll need to come up with something to make out of it. I also bought this beautiful sparkly Christmas fabric as well. Ah, the possibilities!

Right now I’m just making things for the shop and will put them all on when Megan comes down next month. So for a few days I’ll preview some of the items here on the blog.

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