Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Queen of Hearts : Thaumatrope

I'm continuing with the Alice in Wonderland Thaumatropes, and am pretty pleased with the addition of the Queen of Hearts. When you twirl it, the black skull flashing over her face is nifty looking... and I think the juxtaposition of flamingos with skulls is always appealing... like Miami meeting murder.

I did this illustration of the Queen back in college as just a quick pencil sketch... so it's nice to bring it back and do something new with it. I always liked how simultaneously happy and scary I had managed to make her expression. I had always imagined her in the story like a spoiled, nonsensical, happy woman-child with too much political power and time on her hands... a bit like a Sarah Palin.

Everyone goes on and on about how wonderful the tea party was in the story, but I always loved the flamingo croquet game the best... and of course, her famous quote : "Either you or your head must be off! Take your choice!"

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