Friday, July 30, 2010

"A Little Chat About Packaging and Shipping "

I've been working this week on sewing and quilting but also on packaging and shipping. It has been a steep learning curve trying to figure out how to package all of our beautiful items and products as well as how to mail them the most economically. We want to actually break even on the shipping part. We want our customers to pay what we pay to ship them their items. In other words we don't want to make money on shipping.

A discussion with the mail clerk certainly points out how valuable one size package is over another size package price wise. And, of course, how fast we want to ship it is also important. Whether you ship it flat, in a box, an envelope, or by weight, everything is usually considered before you get a price.

You've all seen that commercial where the two guys are trying to figure out how much it is to ship items to different locations and the postman comes in and shows them the box and says something to the effect that if it fits, it ships at the same low rate everywhere. Well, crazy as that sounds, that is a better deal sometimes since weight isn't considered. Like I said a fascinating conversation is to be had with postal workers. They do know their stuff which means they can really help finalize your decisions so that you get the best prices. . . and your customers get them, too.

Packaging is another big thing. Presentation is a lot of selling. Your things need to look terrific. Etsy has several videos on the subject and some of the sellers talk about it, too. One presentation is how to make a cute little box. Actually, the box can be as big as your paper because the instructions are the same for any size box. They are all made in the same way.

Of course, no one can adequately package anything without the cello bags. So finding the right seller here is important because the bags are all different sizes and prices. The prices vary a great deal from seller to seller. But this is one of those much needed items so shop well. Then there are a number of ways to dress the bags up--Etsy has some videos just on that alone.

So within a few days Megan and I will be all set with packaging for everything and knowing the best way to ship is priceless. I think we've done a great job getting everything this far in about six weeks. A lot of work has gone into everything and I think that people are really going to love Megan's designs. We have had a lot of encouragement from lots of different people. That is really nice!

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