Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inspiration... (Edited)

Never was there a more silly question than, "Where do you get your ideas?"... mostly because artists and writers either (A) don't know (B) would rather not say since plagiarism is an uncomfortable subject or (C) it's often-times silly and/or a long and boring story.

Most of my boring stories start out with "I was playing this dumb video game...", case in point: "Baking Life" which is a grind-style Facebook game where you manage a bakery. You have to time all your baked goods with the availability of display cases so that product is neither wasted nor the cases empty... and in the meantime you have varying amounts of customers. I'm not sure why this game appeals to me so much other than I like to micro-manage complex situations. I also think the little pies, cakes, and donuts are ADORABLE.

I made a very unsound business decision today in that instead of buying a desperately needed sixth oven, I bought my character a $3500 top hat so that I could feel powerfully swanky in my virtual bakery. (This is also an example of why in REAL life, my mother controls the money in our business....)

Long and boring story short, I loved my little top-hat-girl so much that instantly I thought of a logo design for our company - since we've been lacking one and all my ideas involving crows and pies were either too obvious or too complicated.

So... idea had from silly videogame... now will go home and draw logo tonight in time for big weekend with my mom. This weekend I'm driving to my parents' house and my mom and I are going to do several things important for a business (bank accounts, shopping for supplies, etc.) but also sit down and spread out all our merchandise and fine tune exactly what we're offering... write the descriptions, and post the pictures on Etsy (finally).

It's been a long five weeks... but by Sunday night we should have an online store up and running (and legal with the IRS's blessing), and now a cute logo. (I'll post it tonight as soon as I get it done.

UPDATE: Logo completed. I'm sort of in love with it... but then I'm often in love with things at 1:30 in the morning and then later on will discover all the ways in which I suspect it sucks. But for right now... I do like it. It's a bit complex to be printable at small sizes - but the smallest it would ever need to go is business card size and I think it can handle it.

As you can see, I went through with the top hat idea... and I kept a lot of Victorian elements, but cleaner lines so that it looks more modern and conservative. There's a fine line between "Victorian-inspired" and "Goth"... trying to stay closer to the Victorian side of things.

But that concludes today's blog on "where do you get your ideas?"... the answer being: pretty much anywhere. Even a silly video game on a social networking site.

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