Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Getting Organized"

Now that we are legal and I've got the accounting current, it is time to get to all these papers that are strewn across my desk into some kind of order. Ahhhh, getting organized. It doesn't have to be expensive but you do need to put a little thought into what you will actually use and the amount of use it will get. Don't be cheap on quality but on the other hand maybe you don't need top of the line either. Just be sure to think it through before you buy.

Beginning a homebased business is nice because a lot of the time you don't leave home. And that's where I know I want to be most of the time--my home. I've already got an area with a comfortable chair, a desk with a table along the side for extra space and my computer already set up. Wow. I'm ready to go--almost. There is the problem of all those pesky papers floating around everytime my cat jumps up on the table (which is why the table is there--to give kitty options--the window sill vs. the table).

The first thing I did was look at the papers I needed to keep in order, organize them into categories, and then decide what I needed to keep them literally at my fingertips in a decent manner where I could always find what I needed when I needed it. So after looking through my extra stuff I found a plastic storage box (no lid) that just fit on my table allowing kitty to continue to have his space. Let's face it--I enjoy my cat's compay so I need to provide for him also. Or at least not take away what is his "space". I also found a couple of plastic folders in which to tuck some papers away, a brand new notebook if I need it and a bunch of sticky notes which I'm sure I will need. After thinking about what I needed, I made a list and went to visit my local Office Depot hoping that they were having a sale--on the stuff on my list. I was not disappointed!

At Office Depot I bought two small accordian folders since they are just easier to handle. A bright yellow one and a fire engine red one will certainly be easy to tell apart. One for each month's receipts, correspondence, papers, et. The other for long term storage like all our business licenses and papers, our business plan, and things that won't get looked at on an everyday basis but would still need to be close at hand. A plastic envelope seemed like a good idea to put our business papers and licenses inside of before I filed them away. I just felt having them all together in this manner would make me feel better--and it did. Well worth the .99 cents I paid for the envelope.

I got a lime green three-ring binder to keep ideas for my marketing and promoting ideas and thoughts and a neat "Project" spiral bound project book which is to keep track of each of our projects so all we need to do at any time is just look back and see, for instance, what Alice cost to make, or how many of Alice we have sold, etc. Seemed handy at the time. And it better be because half of my $20 was spent on this item.

I made sure to pick out cheerful colors that were bright and easy to see from the rest of the things in my box. So far everything fits inside my box with room left over to grow. Getting organized doesn't have to be difficult or expensive or even time consuming for a small business. It's important that you get your paperwork organized so you find what you need when you need it!

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