Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"A Fabulous Weekend To Shop"

So Megan and I went shopping on the weekend and bought all of the supplies that we needed to finish the projects we have decided to make. Hobby Lobby is the most fascinating store and we found a lot of what we were looking for there. Michaels had the rest of it. I did need some felted wool but when we got to the out-of-the-way store that sells it, well, the wool was just too expensive. I may have to dye my own wool. I've dyed cotton fabric so maybe it is pretty similar in techniques and dyes. Really, how hard can it be? The big plus is if I dyed my own wool it would be in the colors I needed right then and I wouldn't have to hunt for it.

We bought a lot of art supplies so Megan could do the designs easier. Designing takes awhile especially if you don't have the right tools. This week I'm working on a quilt that Megan designed with Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. It is such a terrific design. I am so looking forward to doing it. I've also started on some projects that we are doing together but I'm going to let her tell you about it since she will have pictures. The projects are beautiful.

This week involves a lot of sewing and quilting besides getting the financial part up to date. We did get our banking finished over the weekend and a lot of our Etsy shop done but it will be a couple of weeks before the store will be ready to go online and sell. It has been such fun so far and with the sewing and quilting coming up this week, I'm a pretty happy camper.

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