Saturday, July 31, 2010

The 'Completed' Pile

I've spent this week finalizing Alice, The White Rabbit, and Little Red Riding Hood - which means a lot of clean-up digitally and proper layouts with logos and copyrights and all of that. I also drew the wolf to go with Little Red Riding Hood, and am pleased with how he looks. I had initially wanted to make him look a bit more scraggly and starved (inspired by the wolves from "Lady In The Water" if you've seen that movie) but somehow he ended up sort of fluffy and muscular looking.

Oh well. Sometimes you just have to embrace the art that happens to you. After all, when you think about it, if he's a smart wolf (and we all know he is) then he'd be well-fed from the flurry of innocents wandering the woods daily.

Speaking of which, I couldn't resist giving Little Red Riding Hood another option for headwear - so now we've got the hood on, hood off, and daisy-crown options.

So they're finally done, and quite the duo they are. The size of the wolf will probably feel better with the smaller version of Red Riding Hood... but that's a whole different night of cutting and pasting and resizing. Tonight I'm just happy I got them both done and they can join Alice and The White Rabbit in the "YAY I'M DONE!!" pile... which is a pile I'd like to see grow in the near future.

In other news, my mom is good-naturedly working on a sewing project that I got from a craft book I read. It's the "urban corsage", or basically a fabric bracelet bedecked with buttons and ribbons, with faux-flowers ('faux' sounds nicer than 'fake', doesn't it?) sewn onto them. We ended up spending a lot of our shopping budget getting what we needed. They're pretty little things - here's hoping they sell.

Of course... if they don't, then I can have a whole drawer full and wear them around and be special.

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