Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alice Herself : More Wonderland Thaumatropes

I'm fairly happy with the way Alice turned out. Now of course that I'm a little sleep deprived and I've been working on this set for a couple days I'm second-guessing my decision to do them in (essentially) black and white. Wonderland was sort of colorful in my imagination... but the Lewis Carroll drawings weren't?

Hard to commit to a lack of a color scheme, especially when the Queen of Hearts would look so nice with red hair... but then what would I do on the rabbit? It's a white rabbit... so I could give him a brown coat? (I seem to remember some snarky commentary from a film reviewer towards MGM for deciding to "colorize" old black and white movies... "Did we really need to spend all that money to know Cary Grant's suit was really gray?")

Same situation here... Do I really need to spend another five hours so people know the white rabbit is really white?

I also had a debate about whether to do the "bird eyeglasses" or the cheshire cat, but since I'm going to give the cheshire cat his own thaumatrope - I didn't want to be repetitive.

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