Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Never Forget Your First Love, Or Your First 60 Hour Struggle To Make a Paper-Doll.

Well Alice is done, or at least she's completed till we figure out how we're going to print these up... and till I get a better business logo for us. There's little things that still bug me - the sleeves are still slightly (and inexplicably?) greenish.

I'm going to have to chalk this up to a lesson learned the hard way about using new software. In the future I'll color all parts of the doll simultaneously to avoid trying to match colors further down the line.

There's always a point I hit in a project where 20 little things annoy me and stick out to me and drive me NUTS. In my youth I'd skulk around my house eating cereal at 2am and complaining loudly to all my cohabitants who mostly wished I'd just go to bed. Now that I'm older (and more tired) what I do when I hit this point is write all the little nagging problems down on a post-it note and stick it to the piece of artwork. Then I don't look at the piece of art for a week or so... then when I come back I notice what sticks out at me as mistakes or flaws, and usually none of them coincide with what I wrote down on the post-it.

In other words - I just get wrapped up and neurotic over nothing. (Right now I might feel with all my heart that the rabbit's eye is rotated 15 degrees too far clockwise on his head... and in a week I'll just squint and realize how truly crazy I am.)

So I'm declaring Alice done and going on to the next project. Right now I'm thinking Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but I'm also thinking about Little Red Riding Hood and her wolf infested living situation. (You don't even know the terribly bad wolf problems that little girl's been having.)

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