Monday, June 28, 2010

Red, Red, Red.

Doing the coloring for Little Red Riding Hood has been slow going - mostly because unlike Alice I didn't want a lot of soft pastels. It's a little too "color burned" in spots, so I'm going to have to go back in with a lighter touch and fix some things - but I'm happy with the overall palette.

Now I have to go change my name with the social security office so that my legal name is the same as the name on the business forms my mom has been filling out. I don't envy her the stack of paperwork she is having to fill out - so I guess it's the least I can do to have my name correct.

I'm also going to stop by Staples if I have time and pick up some cheapie white gel pens (which look delightfully roughened as opposed to REAL art supplies) since my wolf for LRRH is going to be white as drawn on black paper. I could cheat and just hit the "negative" button in my photo editing program... but sometimes that makes me feel like I'm playing dirty.

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