Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Capturing Time"

Something that you never have enough of when you start your small business is time. Time to do everything including sleeping a little bit, having some fun, and just maybe doing nothing for awhile. Sleeping eight hours a day would be nice but not many of us get that with a new business. With Five and Nineteen Blackbirds what gets done is done by either Megan or me. She has a full-time day job so she is more strapped for time than I am throughout the week. My job is part time. But the fact still remains that whatever gets done in the business is either done by Megan or me. We have to manage our time.

Once the business is up and running, time won't be in such a rush to pass us by. But at the beginning, well, everything pretty much has to get done at the same time. And that's where the frustration can set in. When you are doing one thing, while two or three other things are vying for your attention, life just gets hectic. I think to solve this problem of trying to find enough time throughout our busy lives, Megan and I have both become great list makers and the satisfaction we get when things are crossed off is quite substantial. Plus we don't have to keep reminding ourselves what needs to be done next--it's right there on the list.

I'm looking at the Alice paper doll and I'm very proud of Megan. Alice took an amazing amount of hours to produce and she is beautiful. I'm pretty sure that Megan didn't get eight hours of sleep a night--just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything she did and sleep a lot, too. I, on the other hand, need my sleep or I get cranky. So most of my work has been accomplished during the daytime or early evening hours although I've been getting up earlier than normal. I've also been switching one activity that I used to do for a business one. There is just something about the excitement of starting a new business that you just want to leap out of bed in the mornings and conjure up all the possibilities and get busy! Before our business I used to watch the Today show in the mornings but instead I now start doing whatever is on my list. My list covers the entire week so that if I have a bad day thrown in there somewhere, it doesn't affect the total amount of whatever I have to accomplish. Five days to get stuff done is much better than one day. And I must admit I really don't miss TV. Too much other, more exciting stuff to think and do.

In our business Megan is doing all the creating of the paper dolls which is more time consuming than one might think. She is working on Little Red Riding Hood right now and she's just pretty darn cute! I'm doing the business side which is mainly getting the business set up at this point and getting us legal. As soon as that is accomplished, I can work on other things for our business. After you get your business up and running, more and different fun things come into play. There is always something new to do and learn. And there is always something to do for your business to make it better. If I've caught up on everything for the week, I read about new businesses and learn things that I will need to know later.

This week I'll be busy getting all the licenses in order, the daily paper work done (if any) on the business and typing up our business plan that was sort of informally written down a couple of weeks ago. Typing it up is a good way to get it down in black and white and get us both a copy so that we can refresh our minds as we go along. I'll also begin to look into the taxes we will need to pay, and all the income tax forms we will need to fill out after the first of the year--both state and federal-- just to get a handle on that part of the business. Forms and licenses are always a challenge and one should never expect that part of the paperwork to go smoothly.

And that might be enough for this week I think. Got to know when to say when.

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